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Christina Arlington

Thank you for the valuable information. I will be coming back soon,

Jacque Blundell

Hi. Interested in Needlework 4 Floor Stand and Scroll bar. Are there any discounts or coupons available?

Giselle Barrieau

I did not purchase my System 4 with your company but have not been able to find any where to put forth my comments. I live in Canada so the system was expensive and I saved and bought everything except the clamp. It has been a complete disappointment and I am just very dissatisfied. The scroll rods are top heavy for the floor stand and it wobbles constantly to the point that I cannot work with it. The QSnap holder is impossible to tighten after
flipping back and forth for a whil and I cannot find any info on how to tighten the nuts tucked away in the very small tube like piece at each end and am now almost unable to use it. It was the only thing the table stand was any good for (again the scroll frames are too cumbersome including the small one). Over $600.00 Canadian and it brings me to tears not only because I lost all that money but I am no further ahead with two handed stitching. Totally pissed. I know it has nothing to do with you, but other people should be aware of how not user friendly this expensive junk has been. It will take me forever to even begin to try and replace this colossal mess of stuff. I do
needlework on average four to six hours a day and this is a complete and utter fiasco.

Dale Dixon-Bichard

I have the q-snap holder and one side will not rotate my piece at all. Not sure what to do to fix this problem. It worked for about 3 weeks and not seems stuck I cannot move it so I can tie of my thread.

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